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Concept of Culture

The history of 2 decades also rolled up to the strong flavor of Jewel Culture. The core layer of Jewel Culture contains perspectiv,mission,core value and enterprise spirit of Jewel.

Cultural Core

Culture of Concept Layer

Meaning of Jewel LOGO

Perspective of Jewel

To be the first choice in electronic components of China and to construct world famous enterprise!

Mission of Jewel

To be the most reiable supplier of electronic component through the high-quality product and service!

Core Value of Jewel

Be a moral person and conduct ethical behavior!

Spirit of Jewel

Awaken one second earlier,take the lead one pace ahead!

Management Strategy

Concept of Change: Change brings smoothness,smoothness bring longevity;

Concept of Leadership: Set the right direction and take the right initiative;

Concept of Human Resource: In person we choose, in his/her ability we put into use;

Concept of Execution: Carry out vigorously and speedily, accmplish in one action;

Concept of Quality: Be meticulous and fine enough in quality control to satisfy our customers;

Concept of Safety: People-oriented and safety first.



Operating Concept

Concept of Market:Follow the customer closely,and take action immediately once there is any opportunity;

Concept of R&D:Quality,speed,cost and innovation;

Concept of Production:High quality,high efficiency,environment-friendly and low cost;

Concept of Sale: Devote total personnel, total process and total power into business;

Concept of Service: Swiftness and comprehension.

Each part has a sun,
It is the realm of "Jing" Each realm is with a sun, It is the belief of "Pin"
"Pin",completes the soul of Jewel
Dignified personality wins respect
Dignified achievement is indomitable

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