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The dream of hawk is the sky, what about our dreams?


When we founded Jewel,since the moment as a member of Jewel, we had our dreams and life tightly linked with Jewel, whether it is success or failure, we will always keep our promises" I acknowledge there is a long way to go in my life journey, suffering is still regarded as a romantic mode for me. "


The past two decades have passed through our finger gap so fast, we have been insisting on our objective professionally and confirmedly" to be the first choice in electronic components in China and to construct world famous enterprise ", meanwhile we have been taking the core value strenuously "to be a moral person and conduct ethical behavior”, moreover we have been fulfilling the entrepreneurial spirit creatively and silently " awaken one second earlier, take the lead one pace ahead ", we have been working hard for tomorrow and for tomorrow's tomorrow, the more for the great mission "to be the most reliable supplier of electronic component through the high-quality products and services supplier of electronic".


The Jewel people's sweat and devotion for the ideal will be presented in each page of the history.


As a Jewel member, they firmly convinced that the primary significance of existence for Jewel is the unique value to customers, and the steady growth in sales for many years has made Jewel to be one of the leading industries, the sound operation has helped us establish long-term partnership with our customers, and create long-term value for our clients. The 20 years’ development process has made us deeply understood that only our customers succeed in can the Jewel be successful.


In order to meet the customer demand more actively, we adhere to customers’ demand to push research & development and the production processes; also we enhance customer value around the technology, products, services and other related aspects to improve and take innovation.


The source power for Jewel bringing value to customers is its unique existence, and the devotional employees are the company's greatest assets , majestic basis and pillar of the Jewel, also their names will be recorded in the enterprise landmark.


We firmly believe that our enterprise will be flourishing like the evergreen tree.





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